EATLAC Webinar: The Science of Fermented Foods - Benefits

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Webinar 2: The science of fermented foods: benefits of fermenting food

Friday February 19th, 12:00-1:00 PM PST

What you will learn:  Understand how the fermentation process changes the fundamental properties of food and the benefits of those changes.  Learn what we know to date about the health benefits associated with the consumption of fermented foods and the meaning of “probiotic.”
Speaker: Dr. Maria Marco

  • Fermentation as a preservation technique
  • Beneficial changes to food as a result of fermentation – improved tolerance, bioactive components
  • Health benefits associated with fermentation
    • Current status of clinical trials 
    • Data to date supporting health benefits associated with consumption of fermented foods
    • What types of study and data is needed to confirm health benefits
  • Definition of probiotic

This webinar series will cover fermented food and beverage science, safety, and contributions to healthy diets.  “EATLAC” stands for Evaluating And Testing Lacto-fermentations Across the Country and is the name of a project led by scientists in the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology.  The goal of the project is to expand our knowledge of fruit and vegetable fermentations and provide accurate information related to production of fermented foods.  We want to help you understand what you are buying and eating when you invest in fermented foods and provide information that will encourage you to try fermenting at home. 

Webinars will be between 12 to 1 pm PST on Fridays during February 2021. The first half of the webinar be a presentation on the state of knowledge on fermented foods and each webinar will end with a demonstration on how to create fermented fruits and vegetables at home.

Pre-registration is required but the webinars are free of charge.  Webinars will be held online via Zoom.  The Zoom address will be shared with you via email before each webinar.  You can register for all three at once.